Yearly Archives: 2015


The Outdoor Classroom — Where Do I Sit?

When is the best time for outdoor learning? Any month will work, but the start of the school year is ideal! “But, what should I do first?” I strongly encourage folks to begin by locating a suitable staging area near the school. I like to call it the “Teaching/Meeting Area.” […]

Shades of Green

May and June are amazing months! There is no greener time of the year! Here in Ohio I look outside every day and see an ever changing palette of green on the landscape. It’s breathtaking to see the gentle green of tender buds change quickly into leaves that almost shimmer […]


The pavement as a teaching tool!

As the snow finally melts, the paved areas around our buildings emerge once again. Paved walkways and play areas can be natural locations for incidental learning. Recently I was at Worth Primary School in Sylvester, Georgia and saw this wonderfully innovative way to integrate the arts into the outdoors. A […]