Blue skies and puffy clouds… Cloud activities

Warmer days, IMG_1547blue skies, puffy clouds…it doesn’t get much better! Remember when you looked up at the sky on one of those magical days when the sky is blue, and billowy clouds lazily change shape as they glide overhead? It’s a sure winner to take students outside and just lean back and share the pictures you see parading across the sky. No equipment needed—just a little time to look up and enjoy the constantly changing landscape of the sky. Yep, it’s that simple; but the opportunities for encouraging imagination and creativity are amazing!

If you enjoy clouds, here is a great craft/learning activity to enjoy with your students. The idea comes from a product that I found on the Nature-Watch website ( The kit is not expensive, but you can easily make your own as a fun project.

You need a square of cardboard that is approximately eight inches on a side. Then cut out a window in the middle of the square that is approximately four inches on a side. Next you will need to find cloud pictures. Try this NASA site:

The cloud pictures at this site are a great size. Cut the pictures out and glue them along the edges of the outer square. You now can look at the sky through the “viewer” and check the images on the side to see what types of cloud are in the sky today! Glue a Popsicle stick to the back and you have your own cloud scope!

Whether or not you make a cloud scope, don’t let a another warm day with blue skies and puffy clouds pass by without helping students see the amazing display that is passing over their heads! We all need a change of pace and place!



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