Fall Color Match

img_6140Sometimes simple things can be the most memorable. One of my warmest and most vivid fall memories is of colorful leaves raining down from the trees in a gentle breeze. When our children were growing up we would take hikes on those glorious fall days, and challenimg_6141ge each other to catch one of those leaves in mid-air! Give it a try—it’s a great way to build memories while getting a little exercise!

You can also take advantage of colorful fall leaves by doing a color matching activity with younger children. Ask at a home improvement store for three or four paint color sample strips. Or, have kids make their own using crayons and index cards. Try to pick colors that might be found in fall leaves. Now go to a place that has some trees that are glowing with color and see how many shades you can match!

The activity is so simple, but it pushes us outside to take a closer look at what’s around us. More importantly, it gives us a shared positive outdoor experience with our children and reflects our enthusiasm for nature.img_6142


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