Herb Broda


Fall Color Match

Sometimes simple things can be the most memorable. One of my warmest and most vivid fall memories is of colorful leaves raining down from the trees in a gentle breeze. When our children were growing up we would take hikes on those glorious fall days, and challenge each other to […]

A New Look for Fall Leaves

 Fall is fabulous! After a sizzling summer, the crisper and cooler fall days gently coax us outside. Here is a creative way to use those stunning fall leaves that cover the ground. Take a hike and collect some fallen leaves that look especially interesting—get many different colors and shapes and […]


“The Sin of Bustle”

        Here’s an interesting concept– the “sin of bustle”! Although coined by philosopher William James long before smartphones, email and social media, the term certainly fits our culture today. Busyness is clearly the norm, but our frantic love affair with time saving devices has ironically created less […]