Fall Color Match

Sometimes simple things can be the most memorable. One of my warmest and most vivid fall memories is of colorful leaves raining down from the trees in a gentle breeze. When our children were growing up we would take hikes on those glorious fall days, and challenge each other to […]



A New Look for Fall Leaves

 Fall is fabulous! After a sizzling summer, the crisper and cooler fall days gently coax us outside. Here is a creative way to use those stunning fall leaves that cover the ground. Take a hike and collect some fallen leaves that look especially interesting—get many different colors and shapes and […]


Teaching with Tracks

Be snow detectives this winter! A snowy landscape can look pretty empty, but animal signs are everywhere. Help your students use their super sleuth eyes to spot activity outside. Looking for animal tracks can be a springboard to all types of curriculum-related activities. A great place to find tracks is […]

Shades of Green

May and June are amazing months! There is no greener time of the year! Here in Ohio I look outside every day and see an ever changing palette of green on the landscape. It’s breathtaking to see the gentle green of tender buds change quickly into leaves that almost shimmer […]