May is International School Grounds Month!

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there definitely are free schoolyard learning resources! One of the best sets of materials available is provided through the joint efforts of Green Schoolyards America and The International School Grounds Alliance. According to its website, the International School Grounds […]



Pinecones can predict the weather!

Pinecones can predict the weather! No need for fancy equipment—pinecones are nature’s hygrometer. All you need are three or four pine cones. Have your kids line them up on a window sill, or use some sticky tack to hold them upright. In dry weather, the pinecones open, and in wet […]

“The Sin of Bustle”

        Here’s an interesting concept– the “sin of bustle”! Although coined by philosopher William James long before smartphones, email and social media, the term certainly fits our culture today. Busyness is clearly the norm, but our frantic love affair with time saving devices has ironically created less […]