Media & Links

Nature Notebook –-This is my monthly column that appears in a local newspaper. My main focus is encouraging parents to help children reconnect with the outdoors. The columns frequently include activities for families.

The Children and Nature Network— Excellent resource! The research section is especially helpful if you need to show people “data” to make a case for getting children outside!

Green Schools National Network: This relatively new organization is bringing together people from a variety of interest groups who are all interested in helping schools maximize their “green” potential.

Schoolyard Habitat Planning Guide — This is a very well done planning resource for schools interested in developing outdoor learning spaces on their school sites. It is available for download at this site:

National Environmental Education Foundation— According to their website, “NEEF is the nation’s leading organization in lifelong environmental learning, connecting people to knowledge they use to improve the quality of their lives and the health of the planet.”

National Wildlife Federation— This is a link to their Connecting Kids and Nature section– great materials!

International School Grounds Alliance-– According to its website, the Alliance “is a global network of organizations and professionals working to enrich children’s learning and play by improving the way school grounds are designed and used.”  This is a very rich site that provides a fascinating look at how outdoor learning is approached in other countries around the world.

Stenhouse Publishers — Wonderful source of practical, practitioner-friendly materials! Books are available for language arts, math, science and social studies. Plus, there is a special outdoor education collection also.