Blue skies and puffy clouds… Cloud activities

Warmer days, blue skies, puffy clouds…it doesn’t get much better! Remember when you looked up at the sky on one of those magical days when the sky is blue, and billowy clouds lazily change shape as they glide overhead? It’s a sure winner to take students outside and just lean […]



Teaching with Tracks

Be snow detectives this winter! A snowy landscape can look pretty empty, but animal signs are everywhere. Help your students use their super sleuth eyes to spot activity outside. Looking for animal tracks can be a springboard to all types of curriculum-related activities. A great place to find tracks is […]

Tips for Using Volunteers in the Outdoor Classroom

It’s never too early to start thinking about how to use parent volunteers in your outdoor learning program. Site enhancements like flower beds, gardens, paths and bird feeders need more time and attention than you or the school maintenance staff can provide. Recently a parent pointed out to me that […]



The Outdoor Classroom — Where Do I Sit?

When is the best time for outdoor learning? Any month will work, but the start of the school year is ideal! “But, what should I do first?” I strongly encourage folks to begin by locating a suitable staging area near the school. I like to call it the “Teaching/Meeting Area.” […]

Shades of Green

May and June are amazing months! There is no greener time of the year! Here in Ohio I look outside every day and see an ever changing palette of green on the landscape. It’s breathtaking to see the gentle green of tender buds change quickly into leaves that almost shimmer […]